George Newbern, Actor – Episode #36

Jan 4, 2018 | 4 comments

George Newbern’s career in film and television has spanned several decades and has shown his immense versatility, from his debut arc as Payne McIlroy in “Designing Women” to his current role as Charlie, the former B613 assassin, who is now a member of what was formerly Olivia Pope and Associates and is now Quinn Perkins and Associates on the hit ABC series “Scandal.”

From “Designing Women”, George went on to recur on “Working Girl” and his career in television continued to grow as he joined famed television series “Chicago Hope”, “Friends”, “Bull”, “Providence” and “Nip/Tuck”, for regular and recurring roles. He has also made guest appearances on television series including “CSI”, “Criminal Minds”, “Private Practice”, “The Mentalist”, “Boston Legal”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Cold Case” – to name just a few.

In his feature film debut, George starred opposite Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in “Father of the Bride” and reprised his role in “Father of the Bride II”.

George’s career includes a multitude of voiceover roles, including “Justice League”, “Theodore Rex” and “Batman: Gotham Knight”. Newbern has been the voice of Superman in various DC iterations of the iconic superhero as well as on the animated series “Static Shock” and “The Batman”. He has also done voicework for the video games “Final Fantasy X-2”, “Kingdom Hearts II” and “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children”.



Executive Producer: Steve Cuden, Producer: Casey Georgi, Announcer: Javier Grajeda
Social Media: Mina Hoffman, Design & Marketing: Holly Reed, Reed Creative Group


  1. Judy Drummond Covert

    Loved listening to the two of you reminisce about the Community/Children Theatre days in Little Rock, Skip, etc. So glad you have both had productive careers doing what you love. I’m a Scandal fan as well. Enjoyed hearing about everything George has been doing and congrats to him for having a great family life. Hard to believe it’s been almost 40 years since we worked together. Thanks for a great listening experience. Love you both.

    • Steve Cuden

      Hey Judy,

      I’m so pleased you caught wind of the show and were able to listen to it. I, too, have seen every episode of Scandal and have loved them all! George is certainly an important part of the stew! Yes, 40 years this year, I believe. Unreal…

      Warmest best to you and yours! Happy New Year!


  2. Margie Howell

    Hey Steve! What a great show! I just happened to see this come up in my Facebook feed. It was great hearing you and George. Loved the questions and the comments. I will need to listen to some more of them. Hope this New Year finds you well and happy. Love, Margie Malczycki Howell.

    • Steve Cuden

      Hey Margie,

      How wonderful that you listened to the show! It was really great to chat with George! Lots of fun! Lots of memories! So happy to hear from you. I hope you and yours are all well. Hope to talk to you one of these days!

      Thanks for writing!

      Happy New Year!



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