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StoryBeat is a lively podcast dedicated to a variety of storytellers discussing their unique process in creating art through storytelling. By listening to how successful creators develop and bring their work to life, writers and artists of all kinds are able to find great inspiration. StoryBeat focuses more on the “how” and “why” of creation rather than finished results, providing insight into the working world of storytellers and storytelling in all forms of artistic expression.

Amy Powers
 Amy Powers is a Harvard-trained lawyer, Columbia University MBA, best-selling author, Emmy nominated songwriter, theater and film producer, online business ... Read/Listen

Amy Powers, Author-Songwriter-Producer-Coach-Episode #262

Steve Maher
 Steve Maher is a musician, and singer-songwriter out of Denver, Colorado. He combines vocals, lyrics, and piano into one cohesive ... Read/Listen

Steve Maher, Musician-Singer-Songwriter-Episode #261

Wayne Byrne
 Wayne Byrne is an acclaimed author and film historian from Ireland. He started his career working for local County Kildare ... Read/Listen

Wayne Byrne, Author-Film Historian-Episode #260

Jeff Harnar
 Jeff Harnar is an award-winning cabaret, concert and recording artist. His Carnegie Hall appearances include both the Cole Porter and ... Read/Listen

Jeff Harnar, Cabaret-Concert-Recording Artist-Episode #259

Casey Childs
Producer-Director Casey Childs founded Primary Stages, a leading New York City Off-Broadway theater, in 1984. Primary Stages has produced over ... Read/Listen

Casey Childs, Producer-Director-Episode #258

Monte Schulz
 The novelist Monte Schulz released his first novel, Down by the River, in 1990. He then spent more than twelve ... Read/Listen

Monte Schulz, Novelist-Songwriter-Singer-Episode #257

Donna Loughlin
 Donna Loughlin is the Founder of LMGPR and known for her work with futurists and innovators. Since forming her agency ... Read/Listen

Donna Loughlin, PR Specialist-Episode #256

Callum Woodhouse
 Callum Woodhouse is a brilliant stage and screen actor originally from Durham, England. You may recognize Callum from playing Leslie ... Read/Listen

Callum Woodhouse, Stage and Screen Actor-Episode #255

John Shepard
 The actor, director, teacher, and author, John Shepard, began his professional career at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where he was ... Read/Listen

John Shepard, Actor-Director-Teacher-Author-Episode #254

Melanie Zanetti
Melanie Zanetti, is an award-winning Australian actress of both stage and screen, who divides her time between Australia and the ... Read/Listen

Melanie Zanetti, Actress-Episode #253

Robert Crane
Robert Crane is the co-author of eleven books including Crane: Sex, Celebrity, and My Father's Unsolved Murder, My Life as ... Read/Listen

Robert Crane, Author-Episode #252

Michael Elias
  Michael Elias is an award-winning writer, actor and director who’s written film, television, theatre and fiction. His new novel, You ... Read/Listen

Michael Elias, Writer-Actor-Director-Episode #251

George Stevens, Jr.
For our 250th Episode, we have one of the all time greats in movies, TV, and theater!  George Stevens, Jr ... Read/Listen

George Stevens, Jr., Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #250

Ken Fallin
 Ken Fallin began his career creating witty pen and ink caricatures for the long-running satirical revue, “Forbidden Broadway”.  Intended as ... Read/Listen

Ken Fallin, Broadway Artist-Episode #249

Sheldon Epps
Director-producer-author, Sheldon Epps has directed major productions on and off Broadway, in London and at many theatres across America. He’s ... Read/Listen

Sheldon Epps, Director-Producer-Author-Episode #248

Andrew Conte
Andrew Conte serves as the founding director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University.  He writes the ... Read/Listen

Andrew Conte, Journalist-Author-Episode #247

Robert Kosberg
Robert Kosberg is best known in Hollywood as, “The King of the Pitch,” for his ability to sell movie and ... Read/Listen

Robert Kosberg, The King of the Pitch-Episode #246

Jimmy Ryan
Jimmy Ryan has been Carly Simon’s guitarist since the 1970s. He’s an American artist, composer, producer, and author with a ... Read/Listen

Jimmy Ryan, Musician-Composer-Producer-Author-Episode #245

Peter Smith and Laura Smith
Peter Smith and Laura Smith are co-authors of the book, “My Travels Through the Maelstrom of Punk Rock.” Peter is ... Read/Listen

Peter Smith and Laura Smith, Authors and Teachers-Episode #244

Leigh Marz
Leigh Marz is a co-author with Justin Zorn of the brilliant book called Golden, The Power of Silence in a ... Read/Listen

Leigh Marz, Leadership Coach-Author-Episode #243

David McGiffert
David McGiffert was First Assistant Director on close to 50 feature films including: all three of the Back to the ... Read/Listen

David McGiffert, First Assistant Director-Author-Episode #242

Jay Moriarty
Jay Moriarty wrote and produced some of the most beloved and revered half-hour comedies in television history including: The Jeffersons, ... Read/Listen

Jay Moriarty, Comedy Writer-Producer-Episode #241

Ruslan K
Ruslan K is the Chief Technology Officer of Filmustage, a technology company that is streamlining the film production process using ... Read/Listen

Ruslan K, Chief Technology Officer of Filmustage-Episode #240

Mike Byrne
Mike Byrne created The Beatles Story Exhibition in Liverpool in 1990 with his wife, Bernadette, who was a Cavern Club ... Read/Listen

Mike Byrne, Creator of The Beatles Story Exhibition-Episode #239

Kate Linder
Kate Linder was cast as Esther Valentine on The Young and the Restless 40 years ago, where she remains a ... Read/Listen

Kate Linder-Actress-The Young and the Restless-Episode #238

Christopher Hatton
Christopher Hatton is a writer-director-producer based in Singapore.  His work ranges from sci-fi to drama to action to animation. He’s ... Read/Listen

Christopher Hatton, Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #237

Hilary Sloane
Hilary Sloane is a journalist and documentary photographer living in the Mojave Desert. She researches, writes, shoots and works as ... Read/Listen

Hilary Sloane, Journalist-Documentary Photographer-Episode #236

David Carpenter
David Carpenter is the CEO of Gamiotics, a live entertainment software company that enables real time communication between audience and ... Read/Listen

David Carpenter, CEO of Gamiotics-Producer-Episode #235

Deborah Grace Winer
Deborah Grace Winer is a theatrical writer, creator of theatrical revues and concerts, and she’s a leading expert on the American Songbook ... Read/Listen

Deborah Grace Winer, Theatrical Writer-Revue and Concert Creator-Episode #234

Dakin Matthews
Dakin Matthews is familiar to audiences the world over.  He’s an actor, playwright, dramaturge, teacher, director, translator, emeritus English professor, ... Read/Listen

Dakin Matthews, Actor-Playwright-Director-Teacher-Episode #233

Margy Whitmer
Margy Whitmer produced the beloved TV series, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, for many years. After production ended in 2001, she continued on ... Read/Listen

Margy Whitmer, Producer-Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood-Episode #232

Tim Quinn
Writer, editor, and manager, Tim Quinn was born in Liverpool, England. He started his career as a clown at Blackpool ... Read/Listen

Tim Quinn, Writer-Editor-Artist-Manager-Episode #231

David Pomeranz
The brilliant singer-songwriter, David Pomeranz, has achieved success in virtually every entertainment medium. His songs have been recorded and performed ... Read/Listen

David Pomeranz, Singer-Songwriter-Episode #230

Melinda Peterson
The brilliant stage, screen, and voice actress, Melinda Peterson, has been performing professionally for more than 40 years. She was ... Read/Listen

Melinda Peterson, Actress-Episode #229

Maripat Davis and Richard Osborn
The brilliant singing duo of Maripat Davis and Richard Osborn, burst onto the cabaret scene with sold out California engagements ... Read/Listen

Maripat Davis and Richard Osborn, Singing Duo-Episode #228

John Davidson - Encore
Please enjoy this Encore StoryBeat Episode featuring John Davidson. John is one of the most extraordinarily gifted entertainers of this ... Read/Listen

John Davidson-Singer-Actor-Host-Episode #164-ENCORE

Bill Mumy
Bill Mumy is an actor, songwriter, recording artist, producer, voice-over artist, musician, photographer, and writer. Entering the world of professional ... Read/Listen

Bill Mumy, Actor-Singer-Songwriter-Producer-Episode #227

Stephen Rebello
Author, screenwriter, and journalist, Stephen Rebello, author of Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, majored in literature and psychology, ... Read/Listen

Stephen Rebello, Author-Screenwriter-Journalist-Episode #226

Michael Wolff
The brilliant jazz musician, Michael Wolff, is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed pianist, composer, bandleader, and now, author. In a long-running ... Read/Listen

Michael Wolff, Jazz Pianist-Composer-Bandleader-Episode #225

Suzi Quatro
The legendary, highly influential Rock ‘n Roll superstar, Suzi Quatro. Suzi made her stage debut playing bongos in her father’s ... Read/Listen

Suzi Quatro, Rock and Roll Superstar-Episode #224

Holly Reed and Kelvin Reed
Holly Reed and Kelvin Reed are an up-and-coming musical theatre writing team who also happen to be married to one ... Read/Listen

Holly Reed and Kelvin Reed, Musical Theatre Writers Episode #223

Amanda Raymond
Writer-director-producer, Amanda Raymond, is a New York transplant living in Los Angeles. Amanda wrote, produced, and directed the feature films, ... Read/Listen

Amanda Raymond, Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #222

Charlie Peters
Writer-director, Charlie Peters, was raised in New York City before spending his high school years at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, ... Read/Listen

Charlie Peters, Writer-Director-Episode #221

Justin Fenton
Justin Fenton was a reporter for the Baltimore Sun for 17 years. A graduate of the University of Maryland College ... Read/Listen

Justin Fenton, Reporter-Author-Episode #220

Candi Milo
VOICEOVERS Candi Milo is the busiest actress in voiceovers today. Among her numerous accomplishments, she was honored to take the ... Read/Listen

Candi Milo, Voiceover Actress-Author-Episode #219

Kandis Chappell
The brilliant actress, Kandis Chappell, has appeared on Broadway in Stephen Sondheim's Getting Away with Murder and Neil Simon's Rumors, and in many of ... Read/Listen

Kandis Chappell, Actress-Episode #218

Denise Gossett
Denise Gossett has been an actress in television and feature films for over 20 years. Denise can be seen in ... Read/Listen

Denise Gossett, Actress-Shriekfest Film Festival Founder-Episode #217

Naomi Beaty
Naomi Beaty is a screenwriting teacher and consultant who works with writers, producers, and directors at all levels to develop ... Read/Listen

Naomi Beaty, Screenwriting Teacher-Consultant-Episode #216

Joel Drucker
Joel Drucker writes literary non-fiction and journalism.  He jokes that he’s “too sensitive to be a hard-boiled journalist – not ... Read/Listen

Joel Drucker, Journalist-Author-Episode #215

Cara Friez
Cara Friez is an experienced video producer, editor, and educator. She’s currently the Director of Education for the EdTech company, ... Read/Listen

Cara Friez, Producer-Editor-Educator-Episode #214

Apollo Dukakis
Actor and Director, Apollo Dukakis, is a member and longtime resident artist of the Pasadena, CA based theater company, A ... Read/Listen

Apollo Dukakis, Actor-Director-Episode #213

Dobie Maxwell
Dobie Maxwell has made a successful living in standup comedy since 1985. Starting in 1990, he’s had several stints in ... Read/Listen

Dobie Maxwell, Stand-Up Comedian, Episode #212

Scott McGee
Scott McGee is a Senior Director of Original Programming at Turner Classic Movies.  He’s also a programmer for the TCM ... Read/Listen

Scott McGee-TCM-Director of Original Programming-Episode #211

John Vorhaus
Comedy writer and novelist, John Vorhaus, is best known for his comedy-writing classic, “The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny ... Read/Listen

John Vorhaus, Comedy Writer and Novelist-Episode #210

Robert M. "Bobby" Schwartz
Entertainment industry attorney, Robert M. (“Bobby”) Schwartz is a partner in Quinn Emanuel’s Los Angeles office and co-chair of the ... Read/Listen

Robert M. “Bobby” Schwartz, Entertainment Industry Attorney-Episode #209

Alan K. Rode
Alan K. Rode is a noted biographer and film scholar. He is the executive producer and host of the long-running ... Read/Listen

Alan K. Rode, Biographer-Film Scholar-Episode #208

Cary Elwes
This is a StoryBeat Encore episode! You are likely to already be a fan of the actor and bestselling author, ... Read/Listen

Cary Elwes, Actor and Best Selling Author-Episode #187-ENCORE

Karen Leigh Hopkins
Karen Leigh Hopkins became a writer, director, and producer because she repeatedly got cut out of films like The Breakfast ... Read/Listen

Karen Leigh Hopkins, Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #207

Stephen Galloway
Author and educator, Stephen Galloway, joined Chapman University in 2020 as the Twyla Reed Martin Dean of Film and Media ... Read/Listen

Stephen Galloway, Author and Educator-Episode #206

Billy Hartung
Actor-singer-dancer-educator, Billy Hartung, has over 1000 performances on the Broadway stage to his credit. Billy’s been featured in three Broadway shows, Side ... Read/Listen

Billy Hartung, Actor-Singer-Dancer-Educator-Episode #205

Adryan Russ
Adryan Russ writes music and lyrics for theater, film, television and recordings. Her off-Broadway musical Inside Out, co-written with playwright ... Read/Listen

Adryan Russ, Composer-Lyricist-Episode #204

Brian Drusky
Brian Drusky has been a concerts and events promoter for more than two decades here in his native Pittsburgh. Brian ... Read/Listen

Brian Drusky, Concerts and Events Promoter-Episode #203

Andy Marx
Andy Marx is an award-winning photographer, writer, and musician, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los ... Read/Listen

Andy Marx, Photographer-Writer-Musician-Episode #202

Myla Lichtman-Fields
The prolific playwright and screenwriter, Myla Lichtman Fields, received training at The Juilliard School of Drama and a Ph.D. in ... Read/Listen

Myla Lichtman-Fields, Playwright-Screenwriter-Episode #201

Ed Driscoll
Ed Driscoll is an Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer and producer who’s worked with some of the biggest stars in the ... Read/Listen

Ed Driscoll, Emmy Winning Comedian, Comedy Writer-Producer-Episode #200

Paula Dinkel
Lighting Designer, Paula Dinkel, fell in love with stage lighting in junior high school.  Her dance and music training were ... Read/Listen

Paula Dinkel, Disney Lighting Designer-Author-Episode #199

Marcus Stevens
Marcus Stevens is a New York based writer, actor and director. He wrote the book and lyrics for the award ... Read/Listen

Marcus Stevens, Writer-Actor-Director-Episode #198

Jon Krampner
The journalist and author, Jon Krampner, is a native of Brooklyn. He spent the Carter administration getting fired from small ... Read/Listen

Jon Krampner, Journalist-Author-Episode #197

Frank Ferrante
The brilliant, multi-talented Frank Ferrante, has enjoyed a 35-year career in the theater as an actor, director and producer. At ... Read/Listen

Frank Ferrante, Actor-Director-Producer-Episode #196

Chris Moore
The extraordinary independent movie and TV producer, Chris Moore, has returned to StoryBeat for the third time. You know Chris’s ... Read/Listen

Chris Moore, Movie and TV Producer-Session 3-Episode #195

Douglas Levine
Douglas Levine is a composer, pianist, music director and educator based right here in Pittsburgh. He’s the composer/co-lyricist of the ... Read/Listen

Douglas Levine, Composer-Pianist-Music Director-Educator-Episode #194

Scott Myers
The noted screenwriter and teacher, Scott Myers, has written over thirty movie and TV projects at almost every major Hollywood ... Read/Listen

Scott Myers, Screenwriter-Teacher-Episode #193

Charles Rosenay
Charles Rosenay has been in the entertainment business for over four decades as an actor, promoter, music aficionado, entertainer, MC, ... Read/Listen

Charles Rosenay, Actor-Author-Promoter-Episode #192

The brilliant, Emmy Award-winning composers that comprise Dynamic Music Partners, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Kristopher Carter, constantly push the ... Read/Listen

McCuistion-Ritmanis-Carter, Composers-Episode #191

Corky Hale
The extraordinarily multi-talented Corky Hale is widely considered to be the most accomplished jazz harpist in the world.  As well, ... Read/Listen

Corky Hale, Legendary Jazz Harpist-Pianist-Singer-Episode #190

Robert Miller
Robert Miller is a musician who followed his youthful dream later in life and became a Rock Star when he ... Read/Listen

Robert Miller, Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Episode #189

Robert Cuccioli
The brilliant actor, singer, and director, Robert Cuccioli, is renowned for his critically acclaimed, Tony-nominated dual performance as the good ... Read/Listen

Robert Cuccioli, Actor-Singer-Director-Episode #188

Cary Elwes
You’re likely already a fan of the actor and bestselling author, Cary Elwes, who you surely know from his many ... Read/Listen

Cary Elwes, Legendary Actor and Best Selling Author-Episode #187

Melody Thomas Scott
Melody Thomas Scott is best known for her Emmy-nominated work in the iconic role of Nikki Reed, aka Nikki Newman, ... Read/Listen

Melody Thomas Scott, Legendary Actress-Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless-Episode #126-ENCORE

Bryan Cranston
The extraordinary actor-producer-writer and director, Bryan Cranston, is an Academy Award nominee, and the winner of the Emmy®, Golden Globe, ... Read/Listen

Bryan Cranston, Legendary Actor-Producer-Writer-Director-ENCORE

Michael Dorn
Actor-Director Michael Dorn is best known for his longtime popular portrayal of Klingon Starfleet Officer Lieutenant (later Lt. Commander) Worf ... Read/Listen

Michael Dorn, Actor-Director-Star Trek: The Next Generation-ENCORE

Alan Eichler
Theatrical producer, talent manager, and press agent, Alan Eichler, has represented or produced numerous stage productions, including: The Dirtiest Show ... Read/Listen

Alan Eichler, Theatrical Producer, Talent Manager, Press Agent-Episode #186

Adam Hawley
The brilliant jazz guitarist, Adam Hawley, has had nine #1 hits. In 2015, Adam signed with Kalimba Music, which was ... Read/Listen

Adam Hawley, Jazz Guitarist-Producer-Episode #185

Gary Flannery
Gary Flannery is a professional dancer, choreographer and director who’s toured the world as Shirley MacLaine’s performance partner. He’s been ... Read/Listen

Gary Flannery-Dancer-Choreographer-Director-Episode #184

Peter Jurasik
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades, then you’re likely to be a fan of ... Read/Listen

Peter Jurasik, Actor-Hill Street Blues-Babylon 5-Episode #183

Shannon Bradley-Colleary
Shannon Bradley-Colleary is a novelist and screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for the film To The Stars, which screened in the U.S ... Read/Listen

Shannon Bradley-Colleary, Novelist and Screenwriter-Episode #182

Adam Weinstock
Producer, director, and actor, Adam Weinstock, is the co-owner of Red Spear, LLC and President of Creative Concept Productions. He’s ... Read/Listen

Adam Weinstock, Producer-Director-Actor-Episode #181

Robert Shields
Robert Shields is a one-man creative machine who has spent his life sharing his sense of energy, awe, and wonder ... Read/Listen

Robert Shields, Legendary Mime-Artist-Episode #180

Mark Nichols
For more than three decades Producer and Designer, Mark Nichols, has worked in themed entertainment as a producer and/or designer ... Read/Listen

Mark Nichols, Producer and Designer-Episode #179

Megon McDonough
The brilliant singer-songwriter, Megon McDonough, has been performing around the United States for more than four decades, on stages as ... Read/Listen

Megon McDonough, Singer-Songwriter-Episode #178

Jim Doyle
Special effects and water effects wizard, Jim Doyle, received his undergraduate degree in Theater from the University of Colorado, and ... Read/Listen

Jim Doyle, Oscar Winning Special Effects and Water Effects Wizard-Episode #177

Michael Emanuel
Michael Emanuel is an award winning actor, producer, writer and director with hundreds of TV, film and commercial credits on ... Read/Listen

Michael Emanuel, Actor-Producer-Writer-Director-Episode #176

Mark Simon
Mark Simon, who is known as the Godfather of Storyboarding, has spent over 30 years in the entertainment industry, amassing ... Read/Listen

Mark Simon, The Godfather of Storyboarding-Episode #175

Bobbie O'Steen
Bobbie O’Steen is a writer and film historian dedicated to sharing the invisible art of editing with students, professionals, and ... Read/Listen

Bobbie O’Steen, Writer and Film Historian-Episode #174

Karen Mason
The powerhouse singer and actress, Karen Mason, has starred on Broadway, Off-Broadway, on screen, and in recordings. Karen is a ... Read/Listen

Karen Mason, Broadway Singer and Actress-Episode #173

Martin Giles
Martin Giles is an actor, director and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. He was a founder and long- time artistic ... Read/Listen

Martin Giles, Actor-Director-Writer-Episode #172

Sarah Bierstock
The actress and playwright, Sarah Bierstock, began writing plays in 2014.  Her first play, Honor Killing, received its initial development ... Read/Listen

Sarah Bierstock, Actress-Playwright-Episode #171

Michael Mason
Michael Mason has been playing, teaching and recording on flute for 40 years or so. He’s well known for his ... Read/Listen

Michael Mason, Jazz and Avant-Garde Flutist-Composer-Episode #170

Elyce Wakerman
Elyce Wakerman is the author of  the novel,  A Tale of Two Citizens, and two works of non-fiction: Father Loss: ... Read/Listen

Elyce Wakerman, Author-Episode #169

Roger Holzberg
The award-winning Creative Director, Roger Holzberg, is founder of Reimagine Well, a company that designs and builds immersive healing programs ... Read/Listen

Roger Holzberg, Award-Winning Creative Director-Episode #168

Renee Hoss-Johnson
Noted Wheel Of Fortune Production Designer, Renee Hoss-Johnson, watched her mother create colorful gardens in their backyard and paint beautiful ... Read/Listen

Renee Hoss-Johnson, Wheel Of Fortune Production Designer-Episode #167

David Shire
The extraordinary composer, David Shire, is an Academy Award and two-time Grammy winner, and multiple Tony and Emmy nominee. David ... Read/Listen

David Shire, Award Winning Broadway and Motion Picture Composer-Episode #166

L.Scooter Morris
The noted artist, L. Scooter Morris, calls herself a sensory illusionist. Scooter’s goal is to make artwork that is so ... Read/Listen

L. Scooter Morris, Artist-Episode #165

John Davidson
John Davidson is one of the most extraordinarily gifted entertainers of this or any era. John’s probably best known for ... Read/Listen

John Davidson, Singer-Actor-Host Extraordinaire-Episode #164

Lindsay Jones
Lindsay Jones is a Tony-nominated composer and sound designer for theatre and film. He’s worked extensively on Broadway, off-Broadway, internationally, ... Read/Listen

Lindsay Jones-Tony Nominated Composer-Sound Designer-Episode #163

Mark Pirro
Indie filmmaker, Mark Pirro, arrived in Hollywood in 1974 dreaming of a filmmaking career. With no connections, relatives or friends ... Read/Listen

Mark Pirro, Indie Filmmaker-Episode #162

Jeff Keane
Two years after the renowned cartoonist, Jeff Keane, was born, his father, the legendary cartoonist, Bil Keane, started chasing him ... Read/Listen

Jeff Keane, “The Family Circus” Cartoonist-Episode #161

Joanie Pallato
The brilliant singer, Joanie Pallato, was described by Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as having “a stirring and special ... Read/Listen

Joanie Pallato, Singer-Songwriter-Episode #160

BJ Markel
The extraordinary editor and marketer, Brett Jay Markel, better known as BJ, began his film acquisitions career in the earliest ... Read/Listen

BJ Markel, Editor and Marketer-Episode #159

Bill Nolte
Actor, singer, and artist, Bill Nolte, made his Broadway debut in 1985 as Old Deuteronomy in Cats, which led to roles ... Read/Listen

Bill Nolte, Broadway Actor-Singer-Artist-Episode #158

Martin Casella
The brilliant playwright and screenwriter, Martin Casella, has seen his work produced across the United States and around the world ... Read/Listen

Martin Casella, Playwright-Screenwriter-Episode #157

Diane Delin
Diane Delin is an extraordinary jazz violinist, composer, recording artist and educator. Her jazz work has earned her the Downbeat ... Read/Listen

Diane Delin, Jazz Violinist-Composer-Episode #156

Richard Maltby, Jr.
The legendary writer-lyricist-director, Richard Maltby, Jr., conceived and directed two musical revues that went on to win Tony Awards for ... Read/Listen

Richard Maltby, JR., Tony Winning Writer-Lyricist-Director-Episode #155

Karen Ziemba
Stage and TV actress, Karen Ziemba, has appeared in 11 Broadway shows. Her Broadway debut was in A Chorus Line ... Read/Listen

Karen Ziemba, Tony Winning Broadway and TV Actress-Episode #154

Julie Budd
The dynamic Julie Budd is one of the most exceptional singers to ever light up a stage. Julie’s dazzling vocal ... Read/Listen

Julie Budd, Legendary Singer-Episode #153

Debbi Dachinger
Debbi Dachinger, Media Personality and a Media Visibility expert, has been interviewed on over 1,500 media outlets. And for over ... Read/Listen

Debbi Dachinger, Media Personality-Episode #152

John Yap
Music producer, John Yap, is the founder of internationally renowned Jay Records. John has dedicated his life to preserving musicals ... Read/Listen

John Yap, Music Producer-Episode #151

Troy Evans
You’ve assuredly seen actor Troy Evans many times on the silver screen. Troy’s 4-decade career has been marked by a ... Read/Listen

Troy Evans, Actor-Episode #150

Steve Bramson
Steve Bramson, is the Emmy™ award-winning composer of hundreds of primetime television episodes and numerous feature films ... Read/Listen

Steve Bramson, Emmy™-Winning TV and Film Composer-Episode #149

Kathleen Chalfant
The revered actress, Kathleen Chalfant, has spent more than five decades performing on stage, screen and TV. Perhaps best known ... Read/Listen

Kathleen Chalfant, Actress-Episode #148

Jason Graae
Stage and screen actor, Jason Graae, has starred on Broadway in A Grand Night For Singing, Falsettos, Stardust, Snoopy!, and ... Read/Listen

Jason Graae, Stage and Screen Actor-Episode #147

Janis Hirsch
Janis Hirsch got her start as a comedy writer by talking her way into a job on the National Lampoon ... Read/Listen

Janis Hirsch, Comedy Writer-Producer-Episode #146

Evette Vargas
Evette Vargas is an award-winning writer, director, producer and immersive storyteller. Named by the New York Times as an “Artist ... Read/Listen

Evette Vargas, Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #145

Micahel Dorn
Actor-Director Michael Dorn is best known for his longtime popular portrayal of Klingon Starfleet Officer Lieutenant (later Lt. Commander) Worf ... Read/Listen

Michael Dorn, Actor-Director-Star Trek: The Next Generation-Episode #144

Jamie deRoy
Jamie deRoy is a prolific, Tony Award-winning producer on Broadway and beyond as well as a cabaret, stage, film and ... Read/Listen

Jamie deRoy, Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer-Episode #143

Jeff Werner
Jeff Werner is an Emmy Award-winning director and editor of documentaries, feature films and motion picture advertising ... Read/Listen

Jeff Werner, Feature and Documentary Director and Editor-Episode #142

Jonathan Deans
Jonathan Deans is a highly renowned, heavily in-demand theatrical sound designer. His sound systems and designs can be heard on ... Read/Listen

Jonathan Deans-Renowned Theatre Sound Designer-Episode #141

Paulette McWilliams
Paulette McWilliams is a dazzling vocalist who has graced the recordings of Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Luther Vandross, ... Read/Listen

Paulette McWilliams, Singer-Episode #140

Stephan Oberhoff
Music producer, musician, songwriter, arranger, sound engineer – and consummate artist, Stephan Oberhoff, has performed with, produced for, and collaborated ... Read/Listen

Stephan Oberhoff-Songwriter-Music Producer-Episode #139

Chris Moore
A dynamic movie and TV producer, Chris Moore is perhaps best known for producing Good Will Hunting, the American Pie ... Read/Listen

Chris Moore, Movie and TV Producer, Session 2-Episode #138

Dan Berendsen
Dan Berendsen has worked on over 350 episodes of television. He created and Executive Produced the half-hour comedy "Baby Daddy" ... Read/Listen

Dan Berendsen, Writer-Producer-Episode #137

Steven Jay Rubin and Jane Seymour
Steven Jay Rubin is a screenwriter, producer, film historian, author, documentarian, and promoter. He’s recognized internationally as the world’s leading ... Read/Listen

Steven Jay Rubin, Writer-Producer-Film Historian-Episode #136

Elliot Shoenman
Writer-Producer, Elliot Shoenman, started his career as a writer on Norman Lear’s Maude, won an Emmy for his work as ... Read/Listen

Elliot Shoenman, Writer-Producer-Episode #135

Josie Falbo
Josie Falbo began singing in Italian and English when she was a mere 19 months old! Signed to Vee-Jay Records ... Read/Listen

Josie Falbo, Singer-Episode #134

Danny Lerman
The extraordinarily gifted saxophonist and composer, Danny Lerman, has studied with Junior Walker's legendary teacher, Charlie Atkins, and at the ... Read/Listen

Danny Lerman, Smooth Jazz Saxophonist-Composer-Episode #133

Bryan Cranston
The extraordinary actor-producer-writer and director, Bryan Cranston, is an Academy Award nominee, and the winner of the Emmy®, Golden Globe, ... Read/Listen

Bryan Cranston, Legendary Actor-Producer-Writer-Director-Episode #132

Bear McCreary
Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning composer, Bear McCreary, began his career as one of the final protégés of film music legend, ... Read/Listen

Bear McCreary, Television and Film Composer-Episode #131

Fred Rubin
Fred Rubin graduated from the University of Illinois in 1972 with a BFA in directing and playwriting.  He spent the ... Read/Listen

Fred Rubin, Television Writer-Producer-Episode #130

Marley Sims
Marley Sims appeared on Broadway from 1971 until 1976 in two hit productions, “The Me Nobody Knows”, and “Godspell.”  While ... Read/Listen

Marley Sims, Actress-Screenwriter-Episode #129

Byron Werner
Byron Werner is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. At the age of 16 he began his career ... Read/Listen

Byron Werner, Cinematographer-Episode #128

Randy Kerber
The brilliant and hugely accomplished composer, orchestrator and keyboard player, Randy Kerber, continues to have a prolific recording career in ... Read/Listen

Randy Kerber, Composer, Orchestrator, Keyboardist-Episode #127

Melody Thomas Scott
Melody Thomas Scott is best known for her Emmy-nominated work in the iconic role of Nikki Reed, aka Nikki Newman, ... Read/Listen

Melody Thomas Scott, Legendary Actress-Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless-Episode #126

Ron Diamond
Ron Diamond has had two primary producing, distributing and curating careers, the first mostly in live filmmaking ranged from 1980 ... Read/Listen

Ron Diamond, Animation Producer-Episode #125

Dawn Keezer
Dawn Keezer has been Director of The Pittsburgh Film Office since 1994, dedicated to marketing the southwestern Pennsylvania 10-county region ... Read/Listen

Dawn Keezer, Director of The Pittsburgh Film Office – Episode #124

Barbara Bleier
Barbara Bleier is a singer, actor and playwright who’s appeared on stage, in film, and on TV, as well as ... Read/Listen

Barbara Bleier, Singer-Actress – Episode #123

Valorie Kondos Field
Valorie Kondos Field is the retired head coach of the seven-time NCAA Champion, 22-time Regional and 18-time Pac 12 Champion ... Read/Listen

Valorie Kondos Field, Champion Gymnastics Coach – Episode #122

Christina Bianco
The extraordinary actress, singer and impressionist, Christina Bianco, has a singular voice and comedic charm that have brought audiences around ... Read/Listen

Christina Bianco, Actress-Singer-Impressionist – Episode #121

Sheila Jordan
The legendary, multi-award winning singer, Sheila Jordan, is not only one of the world’s premier jazz singers, but she’s known ... Read/Listen

Sheila Jordan, Legendary Jazz Singer – Episode #120

Scott Siegel, Writer-Director-Producer
Writer-Director-Producer, Scott Siegel, is the award-winning author of 48 books, from The Encyclopedia of Hollywood to celebrity biographies of stars ... Read/Listen

Scott Siegel, Writer-Director-Producer – Episode #119

Andrew David Ostrowski
Pittsburgh-based Lighting Designer, Andrew David Ostrowski, has designed lighting for live shows the world over, including such well known titles ... Read/Listen

Andrew David Ostrowski, Lighting Designer – Episode #118

David Whalen
In-demand actor, David Whalen, has performed in over 100 stage productions across the U.S. and Europe. He can also be ... Read/Listen

David Whalen, Actor – Episode #117

Vicangelo Bulluck
Writer-Director-Producer, Vicangelo Bulluck has produced international co-productions for Warner Bros. International based out of Paris.  He executive produced the 2016 ... Read/Listen

Vicangelo Bulluck, Writer-Director-Producer – Episode #116

Kit Steinkellner
Kit Steinkellner is best known as creator and executive producer of the Facebook original series Sorry for your Loss, starring ... Read/Listen

Kit Steinkellner, Writer-Producer – Episode #115

Robin Walsh
Pittsburgh-based actress and teacher, Robin Walsh, was recently seen as Martha in Rules of Seconds for Barebones Productions ... Read/Listen

Robin Walsh, Actress-Professor – Episode #114

This special StoryBeat features songwriters Michele Brourman and Hillary Rollins who, along with the angelic-voiced, Maude Maggart, produced, “While There ... Read/Listen

Maude Maggart, Michele Brourman, Hillary Rollins – Songwriters-Singer – Episode #113

Leslie Tall Manning
Leslie Tall Manning is an author of Adult and Young Adult novels. She started her writing career at Cal State ... Read/Listen

Leslie Tall Manning – Novelist – Episode #112

Nan Bernstein
Nan Bernstein has been an award-winning motion picture and TV Unit Production Manager and Producer for over 30 years, including ... Read/Listen

Nan Bernstein, Motion Picture Producer-Unit Production Manager – Episode #111

Daniel Krell
Daniel Krell is a professional actor who was named the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Performer of the Year for 2019 ... Read/Listen

Daniel Krell, Actor-Episode #110

Michael Colleary, Screenwriter-Producer - Episode #109
Michael Colleary has been a screenwriter, producer, educator and screenwriting consultant for more than 3 decades. He earned an MFA ... Read/Listen

Michael Colleary, Screenwriter-Producer – Episode #109

Marieann Meringolo
Singer Marieann Meringolo, has been called The Miracle at Feinstein's, and has been compared to both a young Barbra Streisand ... Read/Listen

Marieann Meringolo, Singer – Episode #108

Bill Isler
Bill Isler is President Emeritus of Fred Rogers Productions and a longtime educator and advocate for children ... Read/Listen

Bill Isler, Producer of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood-Episode #107

Jonathan Gillard Daly
Jonathan Gillard Daly has labored in happy obscurity as a professional actor for over forty years, embodying diverse roles such ... Read/Listen

Jonathan Gillard Daly, Actor – Episode #106

Bob Goodman
Bob Goodman is a television writer-producer who most recently served as Executive Producer on the hit CBS TV series Elementary, ... Read/Listen

Bob Goodman, TV Writer-Producer-Episode #105

Rocky Lang
Rocky Lang returns to StoryBeat. He’s the co-author of Letters from Hollywood with archivist Barbara Hall, who was also a ... Read/Listen

Rocky Lang, Author-Producer-Interview 2-Episode #104

Burt Kearns
Burt Kearns is a TV and film producer, director, writer, journalist, who co-wrote the book, The Show Won't Go On, ... Read/Listen

Burt Kearns, Writer-Producer-Episode #103

Ronald Allan-Lindblom
Ronald Allan-Lindblom is the founder of Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts, including the departments of theatre, dance and ... Read/Listen

Ronald Allan-Lindblom, Actor-Director-Episode #102

Hawk Koch
Veteran movie producer, Hawk Koch, has been involved making more than 60 major motion pictures, among them such classics as ... Read/Listen

Hawk Koch, Legendary Movie Producer-Episode #101

Wendy and Richard Pini
This is StoryBeat’s 100th episode. It features Wendy and Richard Pini, creators of the wildly successful graphic novel series, Elfquest, ... Read/Listen

Wendy and Richard Pini, Creators of Elfquest-Episode #100

Craig Miller
Writer, Craig Miller, has had a unique Hollywood career working on publicity, licensing, and as a special projects producer for ... Read/Listen

Craig Miller, Screenwriter-Producer-Publicist-Episode #99

Yuval Shrem
Yuval Shrem is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and music composer who began his career in Israel, where he worked on ... Read/Listen

Yuval Shrem, Screenwriter-Director, Composer-Episode #98

Christy Marx
Christy Marx has had an eclectic career as a transmedia writer, TV and animation series developer, game designer and narrative ... Read/Listen

Christy Marx, Screenwriter-Author-Game Designer-Episode #97

Barbara Hall
Barbara Hall is a Hollywood historian, researcher, writer, and archivist ... Read/Listen

Barbara Hall, Hollywood Historian-Episode #96

Randy Kovitz
Randy Kovitz is a veteran actor with credits across the entertainment industry, including roles on and off Broadway, and in ... Read/Listen

Randy Kovitz, Actor-Writer-Director-Musician-Episode #95

Chris Moore
Producer, Chris Moore, co-produced Good Will Hunting, produced the American Pie movies, Manchester By the Sea, and for TV, Project ... Read/Listen

Chris Moore, Film and TV Producer-Episode #94

George Lange
World renowned photographer, George Lange, has been taking pictures since the age of 7 when his parents gave him his ... Read/Listen

George Lange, Renowned Photographer-Episode #93

Andy Tennant
Motion picture writer-director, Andy Tennant, has directed some of the most successful romantic comedy features of all time, including Hitch, ... Read/Listen

Andy Tennant, Screenwriter-Director, Episode #92

Grace Garland
Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter-actress, Grace Garland, has been described as The Tina Turner of Jazz due to her energy and passion! She ... Read/Listen

Grace Garland, Singer-Songwriter-Actress-Episode #91

James Fitzgerald
James FitzGerald, has been a professional actor and teacher for more than 25 years. He’s taught Shakespeare and period styles, ... Read/Listen

James Fitzgerald, Actor-Episode #90

Writer-Director Todd Robinson has enjoyed an eclectic career in Film, Television and Documentaries. Todd has earned a Prime Time Emmy ... Read/Listen

Todd Robinson, Writer-Director-Episode #89

Kevin Hopps
Writer-Producer Kevin Hopps has written for: Darkwing Duck, Animaniacs, Muppet Babies, Octonauts, Star Wars Rebels, Lion Guard, and Young Justice ... Read/Listen

Kevin Hopps, Writer-Producer-Episode #88

David Richardson
David Richardson has written for The Simpsons, The John Larroquette Show – winning a Humanitas Prize – Malcolm in the ... Read/Listen

David Richardson, Comedy Writer-Producer-Episode #87

Brian Trenchard-Smith
Multi-award winning Anglo-Australian film and television director, producer, and writer, with a reputation for making large scale movies on small ... Read/Listen

Brian Trenchard-Smith, Film and TV Director-Producer-Writer, Episode #86

Shirley Crabbe
2019 New York Bistro Award winner, Shirley Crabbe was hailed by Downbeat Magazine’s John Ephland as possessing an, “…almost Ella ... Read/Listen

Shirley Crabbe, Jazz Singer-Episode #85

Uwe Stender
Literary Agent, Dr. Uwe Stender, is a full member of the Association of Authors' Representatives. Uwe’s tastes are eclectic and ... Read/Listen

Uwe Stender, Literary Agent-Episode #84

Bruce Ferber, Writer-Producer-Author-Episode # 83
Bruce Ferber is an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated comedy writer-producer, whose credits include Bosom Buddies, Coach, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch ... Read/Listen

Bruce Ferber, Writer-Producer-Author-Episode # 83

Amanda McBroom
The brilliant Amanda McBroom, has been called "...the greatest cabaret performer of her generation, an urban poet who writes like ... Read/Listen

Amanda McBroom, Singer-Songwriter-Actress-Episode #82

Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson was born in Tehran, Iran, to American parents. He grew up in the DC area and attended Northern ... Read/Listen

Chris Pearson, Animation and Comedy Writer-Episode #81

Mark Watters
The extraordinarily talented, Mark Watters, is a six-time Emmy Award winning composer and conductor whose diverse composing credits include: Pixar’s ... Read/Listen

Mark Watters, Composer-Conductor-Professor-Episode #80

Vincent Jefferds
For the past 15 years, Vincent Jefferds has been the Production Designer of the long-running, hit TV show, Criminal Minds ... Read/Listen

Vincent Jefferds, Production Designer-Episode #79

Stephen Cole
Stephen Cole is an award-winning musical theatre writer whose shows have been recorded, published, and produced on stages around the ... Read/Listen

Stephen Cole, Musical Theatre Writer-Episode #78

Marya Sea Kaminski
Artistic Director of the Pittsburgh Public Theater, Marya Sea Kaminski, recently arrived in Pittsburgh after four years as the Associate ... Read/Listen

Marya Sea Kaminski, Playwright-Director-Producer-Episode #77

Pamela Phillips Oland
3-time Grammy-Nominated lyricist, Pamela Phillips Oland, has written over 500 songs that have been recorded and enjoyed in the U.S ... Read/Listen

Pamela Phillips Oland, Lyricist-Episode #76

Bruce E.G. Smith, Nancy Zionts, Leon Zionts
Bruce E. G. Smith, and Nancy and Leon Zionts, jointly lead Front Porch Theatricals, Pittsburgh’s Boutique Professional Musical Theater Company ... Read/Listen

Bruce E.G. Smith, Nancy Zionts & Leon Zionts, Theatre Producers-Episode #75

Dana L. Davis
Dana L. Davis is a published novelist and an accomplished actress who made her film debut in Coach Carter with ... Read/Listen

Dana L. Davis, Actress-Novelist-Episode #74

Scott Guy
Theatre and TV writer and producer, Scott Guy, has six Emmy nominations, and over 100 produced television scripts for Warner ... Read/Listen

Scott Guy, Writer-Producer-Episode #73

Sharon Eberson
Sharon Eberson, theater critic and arts and pop culture reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is a Brooklyn girl from Flatbush ... Read/Listen

Sharon Eberson, Theater and Arts Reviewer-Episode #72

Wali Jamal
The greatly revered actor, and life-long Pittsburgher, Wali Jamal, was born and raised along the Monongahela River. Once named by ... Read/Listen

Wali Jamal, Actor-Episode #71

Sharon Dilworth
Sharon Dilworth is the award-winning author of two collections of short stories, The Long White and Women Drinking Benedictine, and ... Read/Listen

Sharon Dilworth, Author-Professor-Episode #70

Brad Dechter
Brad Dechter is an orchestrator, arranger, composer and woodwind player. He has been a professional musician since 1971 and an ... Read/Listen

Brad Dechter, Orchestrator-Arranger-Composer-Episode #69

Tamara Tunie, Actress-Director-Producer-Episode #68
Pittsburgh native, Tamara Tunie, has had a storied career as an award-winning actor, director and producer whose body of work ... Read/Listen

Tamara Tunie, Actress-Director-Producer-Episode #68

Rocky Lang
Rocky Lang has been involved in the motion picture and television business all his life. He’s produced, written and directed ... Read/Listen

Rocky Lang, Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #67

Kelly Ward
Kelly Ward is a longtime entertainment industry veteran, with a remarkable career that includes extensive experience as an actor, writer, ... Read/Listen

Kelly Ward, Actor-Writer-Director-Choreographer-Episode #66

Ted Pappas
Ted Pappas was Pittsburgh Public Theater’s leader for 18 years and was closely associated with the company as a director ... Read/Listen

Ted Pappas, Stage Director-Choreographer-Producer-Episode #65

Maia Danziger
Maia Danziger has been acting professionally since she was 16. She made her stage debut in the Broadway production of ... Read/Listen

Maia Danziger, Actress-Author-Teacher, Episode #64

David Silverman
For nearly 40 years, David Silverman has been a writer, producer, and executive producer on dozens of legendary TV shows ... Read/Listen

David Silverman, Screenwriter-Producer-Therapist-Episode #63

Garfield Lemonius
Dancer-choreographer-teacher, Garfield Lemonius, has had career adventures that include performing as a principal dancer with the Dallas Black Dance Theatre, ... Read/Listen

Garfield Lemonius, Dancer-Choreographer-Teacher-Episode #62

Matrk Clayton Southers
Mark Clayton Southers is an award-winning playwright, photographer, scenic designer, theatrical producer and stage director. He is the founder and ... Read/Listen

Mark Clayton Southers, Playwright-Director-Producer-Episode #61

Tami Dixon & Jeffrey Carpenter
Tami Dixon and Jeffrey Carpenter are the award-winning co-founders of Pittsburgh-based Bricolage Production Company, one of the most innovative and ... Read/Listen

Tami Dixon & Jeffrey Carpenter, Bricolage Production Company-Episode #60

Debra Gussin
The multi-award winning lyricist, Debra Gussin, was named Best Lyricist at the 2016 and 2017 “Hollywood Music in Media Awards,” ... Read/Listen

Debra Gussin, Lyricist-Episode #59

Laura Boyd
Laura Boyd has long had an interest in travel, adventure and natural history, which steered her toward the path of ... Read/Listen

Laura Boyd, Documentary Film Producer-Episode #58

Laura Harkcom Encore
Laura Harkcom is a Los Angeles-based writer and producer. Laura co-created, wrote and produced the TV series, The Lost Room, ... Read/Listen

Laura Harkcom, Screenwriter-Producer – Episode #17 Encore

Phil Proctor Encore
In this special Encore StoryBeat presentation of Phil Proctor, Phil's two separate wonderfully fun StoryBeat interviews have been combined into ... Read/Listen

Phil Proctor-Encore – Episodes #33 and #34

Peter Marks
Peter Marks is a staff writer for the Washington Post and has been that grand paper’s chief theater critic since ... Read/Listen

Peter Marks, Washington Post Chief Theater Critic-Episode #57

Stephen Fife
Novelist, playwright, and screenwriter, Stephen Fife, has also written feature articles for The New York Times, New Republic, Village Voice, ... Read/Listen

Stephen Fife, Playwright-Screenwriter-Author- Episode #56

Joe Negri
Legendary jazz guitarist, Joe Negri, spent more than twenty years working in television as a music director. He worked with ... Read/Listen

Joe Negri, Legendary Jazz Guitarist – Episode #55

Barney Burman
Barney Burman, is a third-generation monster maker. Barney was quite literally raised in and around the art of make-up effects ... Read/Listen

Barney Burman, Oscar Winning Make-Up Effects Master-Episode #54

Daina Griffith
Daina Griffith is a very much in-demand actress of breathtaking range and depth. She has performed in over 55 productions ... Read/Listen

Daina Griffith, Actress-Episode #53

Peter Filichia
Peter Filichia has spent most of his life writing about theater. He’s written reviews and features for a daily newspaper ... Read/Listen

Peter Filichia, Theater Reviewer-Author-Episode #52

Fritz Kiersch
Fritz Kiersch began his career in Hollywood in 1975 in television commercial production in the camera department working for Caleb ... Read/Listen

Fritz Kiersch, Director-Producer-Educator-Episode #51

Michele Brourman
Michele Brourman began making up songs when she was three years old. She’s been creating songs and singing them ever ... Read/Listen

Michele Brourman, Singer-Songwriter-Episode #50

Rick Hawkins
Rick Hawkins is an Emmy-winning screenwriter whose decades long career in Hollywood includes successes as a producer, head writer, studio ... Read/Listen

Rick Hawkins, Writer-Producer-Episode #49

Carla Bianco
 The multi-talented Carla Bianco is well known for composing the #1 Billboard song, “The Lover That You Are”, which won ... Read/Listen

Carla Bianco, Singer-Songwriter-Actress-Episode #48

Howard Suber
The eminent film educator, Howard Suber, taught film studies for more than fifty years at UCLA’s prestigious School of Theatre, ... Read/Listen

Howard Suber, Film Educator-Episode #47

Frank "Fraver" Verlizzo
Frank Verlizzo, who is better known by the single name, Fraver, is perhaps the most prominent, prolific, and influential theatrical ... Read/Listen

Frank “Fraver” Verlizzo, Broadway Poster Designer-Episode #46

Tammy Ryan
The brilliant playwright and librettist, Tammy Ryan, has created work that’s been performed across the United States and internationally. She ... Read/Listen

Tammy Ryan, Playwright and Librettist-Episode #45

Susan L. Schulman, Broadway Theatrical Press Agent-Episode #44
Susan L. Schulman has been a theatrical press agent for over 40 years, handling Broadway, off-Broadway, dance, film, special events, ... Read/Listen

Susan L. Schulman, Broadway Theatrical Press Agent-Episode #44

Javier Grajeda Encore
Actor, Javier Grajeda, has landed Guest Starring and recurring roles on such TV shows as "Star Trek: Voyager", “CSI Miami,” ... Read/Listen

Javier Grajeda, Actor – Episode #8 Encore

Amy Aniobi Encore
Amy Aniobi, is the Executive Producer of the hit HBO comedy "Insecure.” She also has various projects in development including ... Read/Listen

Amy Aniobi, Writer-Producer – Episode #20 Encore

Marv Wolfman-Legendary Comic Book Writer/Editor - Episode #35 - Encore
Marv Wolfman is one of the most influential storytellers on planet earth – and in infinite earths beyond. Marv is ... Read/Listen

Marv Wolfman-Legendary Comic Book Writer/Editor – Episode #35 – Encore

Brooks Wachtel, Writer-Producer - Episode #9 Encore
Brooks Wachtel is an Emmy Award winning screenwriter, novelist, and producer. Brooks recently published his first novel, a thrill ride ... Read/Listen

Brooks Wachtel, Writer-Producer – Episode #9 Encore

Ken Davenport Encore
Ken Davenport is an Award-Winning producer of over a dozen Broadway shows, including: Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening, The Visit, ... Read/Listen

Ken Davenport, Playwright-Broadway Producer – Episode #4 Encore

Paige Davis Encore
Paige Davis is one of the most versatile performers working on stage and screen today. She’s an actor-singer-host and author, ... Read/Listen

Paige Davis, Actress-Singer-Host-Author – Episode #16 Encore

George Newbern - Encore
George Newbern’s career in film and television has spanned several decades and has shown his immense versatility, from his debut ... Read/Listen

George Newbern, Actor – Episode #36 Encore

David Wise
Writer David Wise is best known for having developed “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for television, creating most of the elements ... Read/Listen

David Wise, Writer-Filmmaker-Producer – Episode #43

Randy Johnson, Playwright-Director-Producer - Episode #42
Randy Johnson has had a diverse and complex 30-year show business career. Randy has written and directed on Broadway, Off ... Read/Listen

Randy Johnson, Playwright-Director-Producer – Episode #42

Austin Pendleton
Austin Pendleton is a truly familiar face to audiences worldwide. For fifty years he has appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and ... Read/Listen

Austin Pendleton, Legendary Actor-Director – Episode #41

Kirsten Childs
Kirsten Childs, the multi-talented, multi-award winning writer of numerous musicals, is perhaps best known for writing "The Bubbly Black Girl ... Read/Listen

Kirsten Childs, Playwright-Librettist – Episode #40

Kevin Bair & Kristin Hammonds
Kevin Hammonds and Kristin Bair are an award-winning writing duo who have been working together since they were paired for ... Read/Listen

Kevin Hammonds & Kristin Bair, Musical Theatre Writers – Episode #39

Patrick Page
Patrick Page is one of the most gifted and versatile actors working on today’s stage and screen. You may have ... Read/Listen

Patrick Page, Broadway Actor – Episode #38

Danny Goldman
For the past fifty years Danny Goldman has appeared in numerous highly popular movies and TV shows, but he may ... Read/Listen

Danny Goldman, Actor-Casting Director – Episode #37

George Newbern
George Newbern’s career in film and television has spanned several decades and has shown his immense versatility, from his debut ... Read/Listen

George Newbern, Actor – Episode #36

David Newell
David Newell is an actor known primarily for his portrayal of the beloved Mr. McFeely, the deliveryman on Mister Rogers’ ... Read/Listen

David Newell, Actor-Mr. McFeely – Episode #24 Encore

Marv Wolfman
Marv Wolfman is one of the most influential storytellers on planet earth – and in infinite earths beyond. Marv is ... Read/Listen

Marv Wolfman-Legendary Comic Book Writer/Editor – Episode #35

Phil Proctor
Phil Proctor is beyond gracious to give StoryBeat listeners a second helping of stories from his incredible life in show ... Read/Listen

Phil Proctor-Session 2, The Firesign Theatre-Founder-Writer-Performer – Episode #34

Phil Proctor
Phil Proctor is one of the funniest, most multi-talented men ever. He has appeared for over half a century on ... Read/Listen

Phil Proctor-Session 1, The Firesign Theatre-Founder-Writer-Performer – Episode #33

Steve Tolin
Steve Tolin is the founder and owner/operator of Tolin FX. He has created and coordinated the special effects and special ... Read/Listen

Steve Tolin, Special Effects and Special Props Master – Episode #32

Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell is a multi-faceted talent who has worn many hats over his career: journalist, cartoonist, screenwriter and filmmaker. As ... Read/Listen

Steve Mitchell, Film Journalist-Filmmaker – Episode #31

Rebecca Spencer
Rebecca Spencer is simply one of the best actors and singers working in musical theatre today. Her theatrical career was ... Read/Listen

Rebecca Spencer, Broadway and Stage Performer-Episode #30

Lenora Nemetz
Lenora Nemetz is one of the most versatile performers to ever work on Broadway and beyond, and one of Pittsburgh’s ... Read/Listen

Lenora Nemetz, Broadway and Stage Performer – Episode #29

Peter Bogyo
Peter Bogyo is a theatrical General Manager of award-winning Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, Executive Producer and a leading producer of ... Read/Listen

Peter Bogyo, Theatrical General Manager and Producer – Episode #28

Norman Steinberg
Norman Steinberg is one of the single best writers of comedy in the history of the genre. Norman’s work has ... Read/Listen

Norman Steinberg, Screenwriter-Producer-Director – Episode #27

Chuck Wagner
Chuck Wagner may well seem familiar to you because he’s a seasoned veteran Broadway performer. He has appeared on TV ... Read/Listen

Chuck Wagner, Broadway, Stage and TV Star – Episode #26

Peter Desberg
Peter Desberg is a man who knows a thing or two about what it takes to create comedy. Peter and ... Read/Listen

Peter Desberg, Writer-Psychologist – Episode #25

David Newell
David Newell is an actor known primarily for his portrayal of the beloved Mr. McFeely, the deliveryman on Mister Rogers’ ... Read/Listen

David Newell, Actor-Mr. McFeely – Episode #24

Cheri Steinkellner
Cheri and Bill Steinkellner are exceptionally talented, multi-award-winning screenwriters, librettists, and producers. Cheri and Bill have several Emmys, Golden Globes ... Read/Listen

Cheri and Bill Steinkellner, Writer-Producers – Episode #23

Peter Telep
Peter Telep is the author of more than forty novels. His collaboration with Tom Clancy, Against All Enemies, debuted at ... Read/Listen

Peter Telep, Novelist, Teacher Episode #22

Hal Ackerman, Screenwriter-Novelist-Legendary UCLA Professor - Episode #21
Hal Ackerman is co-chair emeritus of the UCLA Screenwriting Program. His book “Write Screenplays That Sell...The Ackerman Way” is now ... Read/Listen

Hal Ackerman, Screenwriter-Novelist-Legendary UCLA Professor – Episode #21

Amy Aniobi
Amy Aniobi is the Executive Producer of the hit HBO comedy "Insecure.” She also has a various projects in development, ... Read/Listen

Amy Aniobi, Writer-Producer – Episode #20

Scott Christian Sava
Scott Christian Sava is an incredibly talented artist, writer, producer, and director. Over the last twenty years, Scott's work has ... Read/Listen

Scott Christian Sava, Writer-Producer-Animator-Artist – Episode #19

Jeff Leisawitz
Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission—to inspire screenwriters, artists, filmmakers, musicians and every other creative human to amp up their ... Read/Listen

Jeff Leisawitz, Musician-Producer-Writer-Teacher – Episode #18

Laura Harkcom
Laura Harkcom is a Los Angeles-based writer and producer. Laura co-created, wrote and produced the TV series, The Lost Room, ... Read/Listen

Laura Harkcom, Screenwriter-Producer – Episode #17

Paige Davis
Paige Davis is one of the most versatile performers working on stage and screen today. She’s an actor-singer-host and author, ... Read/Listen

Paige Davis, Actress-Singer-Host-Author – Episode #16

Richard Walter
Richard Walter is a screenwriter, author of best selling fiction and nonfiction, celebrated storytelling educator, associate dean, entertainment industry expert ... Read/Listen

Richard Walter, Screenwriter-Author-Legendary Teacher – Episode #15

David Paterson
David Paterson is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, who has penned over two-dozen plays, fifteen of which are published through ... Read/Listen

David Paterson, Playwright-Screenwriter – Episode #14

Christopher Lockhart
Christopher Lockhart is Hollywood’s foremost story professional. As Story Editor at WME, the world's largest diversified talent agency, Chris curates projects ... Read/Listen

Christopher Lockhart, Story Editor – Episode #13

Len Uhley, Animation Screenwriter-Story Editor - Episode #12
Len Uhley is an award-winning Animation Screenwriter and Story Editor. Len received the 2014 Writers Guild of America Animation Writers ... Read/Listen

Len Uhley, Animation Screenwriter-Story Editor – Episode #12

Barbara Curry
Barbara Curry is an in-demand screenwriter. She wrote the hit motion picture thriller, THE BOY NEXT DOOR, starring Jennifer Lopez ... Read/Listen

Barbara Curry, Screenwriter-Producer – Episode #11

Chris Rawson
From 1983 to 2009 he was the Post-Gazette’s full-time theater editor and critic, fully covering the theater scene in Pittsburgh ... Read/Listen

Chris Rawson, Theater Critic – Episode #10

Brooks Wachtel, Writer-Producer - Episode #9
Brooks Wachtel is an Emmy Award winning screenwriter, novelist, and producer. Brooks recently published his first novel, a thrill ride ... Read/Listen

Brooks Wachtel, Writer-Producer – Episode #9

Javier Grajeda
 Javier Grajeda is a very talented actor who shows up regularly on TV and in films. Javier received both a ... Read/Listen

Javier Grajeda, Actor – Episode #8

Marty Schiff
Marty Schiff is an actor-director-producer of some distinction. His passion for production began in community and regional theaters in Pittsburgh, ... Read/Listen

Marty Schiff, Actor-Writer-Producer – Episode #7

Mark Fleischer featured image
Mark Fleischer is the multi-talented Producing Director of the prestigious Pittsburgh CLO. Mark also served as Producing Artistic Director for ... Read/Listen

Mark Fleischer, Theater Producer – Episode #6

Paul Chitlik
Paul Chitlik is a highly successful writer-producer-director and also happens to be one the very best screenwriting teachers in the ... Read/Listen

Paul Chitlik, Writer-Producer-Director – Episode #5

Ken Davenport
Ken Davenport is an Award-Winning producer of Kinky Boots, for which he won the Tony. He's also produced Once on ... Read/Listen

Ken Davenport, Playwright-Broadway Producer-Episode #4

Alan Burnett
Alan Burnett has won four Emmy Awards for his work in TV Animation. He’s also the recipient of the Writers ... Read/Listen

Alan Burnett, Animation Writer-Producer-Episode #3

Alan Stanford
Actor, director, writer, Alan Stanford is one of the contemporary theatre’s leading voices, and the Artistic and Executive Director of ... Read/Listen

Alan Stanford, Actor-Writer-Director-Producer-Episode #2

Wendi Pini
Wendy Pini is the remarkably talented creator-writer-artist of the legendary graphic novel, Elfquest. Wendy’s career began in the early ‘70’s ... Read/Listen

Wendy Pini, Creator-Writer-Artist of Elfquest-Episode #1