Robert M. “Bobby” Schwartz, Entertainment Industry Attorney-Episode #209

Jul 19, 2022 | 2 comments

Entertainment industry attorney, Robert M. (“Bobby”) Schwartz is a partner in Quinn Emanuel’s Los Angeles office and co-chair of the Media & Entertainment Industry Practice.

Over the last 30 years, Bobby has become a nationally recognized leader in large-stakes and often precedent-setting cases, particularly in the entertainment and media fields. He’s represented every major motion picture studio and broadcast network, as well as film production companies, pay TV services, video game developers, record companies, recording artists, producers, writers, directors, and actors.

Bobby has had extensive experience and success in copyright, trademark, unfair competition, royalties and participations, First Amendment, defamation, employment, and complex business disputes. He has handled more than 100 class action cases around the country.

He’s also handled substantial disputes for companies well outside the media industry.



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  1. Etienne Monat

    Good Day Steve,

    I stumbled on this podcast from a mutual connection on LinkedIn. I am a sales director who supports attorneys and their legal staff in the court reporting industry. Many times, we need to educate ourselves with the high level jargon that attorneys speak of, and we must act quick and efficiently to provide them with the resources they need to advance their case calendars. Let me just say that listening to this podcast was quite enlightening! Bobby is so intelligent and he explained intellectual property, defamation, and trademarks in ways that captured my attention and didn’t lose me in technical terms. He educated me on so many level, truly as he puts it, “compelling storytelling.” Thank you for having him as a guest and I am so glad to have found your podcasts!

    • Steve Cuden

      Thanks so much, Etienne, for your very kind and encouraging words. Bobby is a great guest because he is so succinct and clear. I am so very happy that you enjoyed the show!


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