Myla Lichtman-Fields, Playwright-Screenwriter-Episode #201

May 10, 2022 | 8 comments

The prolific playwright and screenwriter, Myla Lichtman Fields, received training at The Juilliard School of Drama and a Ph.D. in Communications-Drama with a minor in film from the University of Southern California.  As a staff writer at Universal Studios, she penned episodic TV shows, Movies of the Week, and an NBC special.

Myla’s play, Felix & Fanny, will be presented in November, 2022, at the Barbican Centre’s Milton Court Theatre in London featuring The Carducci String Quartet.   California Artists Radio Theatre recorded Felix & Fanny with Michael York and Samantha Eggar, airing it on NPR and Sirius XM radio.  Felix & Fanny is the first of Myla’s 4 Musicmakers Plays.  California Artists Radio Theatre also recorded Brigid of Kildare, featuring Samantha Eggar, Monte Markham, and a star-studded cast.

Olympia Dukakis read the lead role of Sara in Myla’s play, Learning to Dance in the Rain in New York City. The play was a semi-finalist in the Ashland New Play Festival and a Finalist in the IATI Theatre Award Contest.

Myla’s plays, The Stone of Kilhara and The Peacemakers were read at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre.  The Peacemakers won 2nd place in the Stage & Screen contest and was workshopped at The O’Neill Playwriting Conference Center in CT.





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  1. don f

    Outstanding interview, showing off the depth and breadth of Myla’s expertise and experience; and her sparkling personality shines through as well; and kudos to the host, whose probing questions, and the answers thereby garnered in response, taken together, serve as a blueprint for how a skilled interviewer can glean for his audience an auditory educational textbook permitting insight into the creative process ( the tricks of the trade), and thereby help inspire the next generation of young, up-and-coming writers.

    • Steve Cuden

      Don, thanks a ton! The show is only as good as the guests, and as you know only too well, Myla is ever an engaging, smart, and thoughtful artist, which makes her a very good guest!

  2. Cathryn Rathsam

    Loved this episode!! Myla’s been a friend of mine for many years. I enjoyed hearing new stories from her fascinating life in acting and play writing. Steve asks great questions as the interviewer.

    • Steve Cuden

      Thanks very much, Cathryn, for your very kind words! Myla is the best!

  3. Rose Gottlieb

    A wonderful presentation. Invaluable, I would think, for anyone in the midst of it, or just starting out, writing plays. Or anyone who just loves the theater.
    Truly inspiring.

    • Steve Cuden

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Rose. Myla is a treasure!

  4. Shai

    Incredible and insightful interview with a true playwright treasure. Myla’s depth of experience in so many diverse aspects of this industry, shows up in her expressive and singular style of writing. Myla’s characters are so multilayered, like a good baklava. They live and breathe in a glorious, sublime nature that I’ve never seen or read another writer who can capture such intimacies the way Myla does. Her plays should be required reading for any aspiring playwright.

    • Steve Cuden

      Hi Shai, I agree with you 100%! Thanks so much for your very thoughtful words!


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