Fred Rubin, Television Writer-Producer-Episode #130

Sep 22, 2020 | 2 comments

Fred Rubin graduated from the University of Illinois in 1972 with a BFA in directing and playwriting.  He spent the next three years in Chicago working full time as a social worker and part time as a columnist, stand-up comedian, and jingle writer.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1976 and began working full-time in network TV.

Since 1977 he has served as a writer on fifteen network series and has been a producer of such shows as, “Different Strokes”, “Archie Bunker’s Place”, “Mama’s Family”, “Webster”, “Night Court”, “Family Matters”, “Step by Step”, and “Two of A Kind”.  His career has included writing sixty episodes of prime time television, ten pilots, and two made-for-television movies.  He recently consulted for the Viacom-Nickelodeon  internet content team.

For 15 years, Fred taught classes in television writing and screen writing for the UCLA Department of Film, Television and Theatre, which is where I met Fred while I was in graduate school. He retired as a full time lecturer in 2015.  He’s also been an instructor for the Warner Brothers Writer’s Workshop for thirty years.

Fred lives in California with his wife, Marley Sims, who is a longtime comedy writer and award-winning producer of “Home Improvement,” and also a recent guest right here on StoryBeat.



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  1. Myla Lichtman-Fields

    What a generous master craftsman and exemplary human being. Thank you, Fred for your generosity in sharing.. And, Bravo Steve, for shining yet another spotlight on the work and personal insights of one more very fine creative artist.

    • Steve Cuden

      Thanks, Myla, for listening! You are so right about Fred!


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