Stephen Games, Author-Publisher-Episode #275

Dec 26, 2023 | 0 comments

 Author-publisher Stephen Games came to publishing after a lifetime of reflecting on the creative arts. Stephen is a former architecture correspondent for The Guardian, documentary maker for the BBC, and opinion writer for the Los Angeles Times.

He has a PhD from Cambridge University for research into the work of the celebrated German architectural historian, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, about whom he’s published four books. And Stephen has produced another four books on the writings of the conservation campaigner and UK poet laureate, Sir John Betjeman. He also studied Graphic Design and Architecture and has taught as an adjunct for Temple University, Boston University, and the University of Kent.

Stephen launched Envelope Books in 2020, with a philosophy that states, “What is a book but a letter from a writer to a reader?” As such, Envelope Books, which is a generalist micro-publisher—and postal service of the mind—is a spin-off from the UK’s largest books magazine, Booklaunch. The imprint aims to select manuscripts from every corner of the mental map, branding them with their stunning, trademark envelope covers, before getting their books directly into the hands of eager readers.

Set up to help authors who have struggled to navigate the obstacles thrown up by mainstream publishers and agents, EnvelopeBooks is flexible and open to all fiction and non-fiction submissions.



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