Dr. David Sharp, Writer-Performer-Spiritual Teacher-Episode #268

Nov 7, 2023 | 2 comments

 Dr. David Sharp is a writer, performer, and spiritual teacher. Through his business, Power for Life Now, David produces and presents workshops, retreats, videos, music and performances for personal and spiritual growth.

David is an ordained Presbyterian minister and has worked as a pastor, university lecturer, and seminary professor.

As a performer, David has sung, danced, and acted on Broadway, television, and film and has been a talk show host.

He’s written for numerous publications and is an award-winning author with four books published including: Annie Ruth’s Truths, Power for Life, I’m a Black Man, Who Are You?, and Voicemaster. I’ve read Power for Life and Annie Ruth’s Truths and highly recommend David’s excellent writing to you. His books are easy reading pleasures with positive, upbeat messages. He’s also recently finished writing a new musical and is soon to publish an illustrated book of poetry.

David and his wife, Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen, run in-person and virtual retreats called “Live Your Dreams” and have recently completed building the Good and Sharp Studios, a campus for spirituality and the arts in Boulder, Colorado.

David’s a graduate of the University of Southern California, where he was a Drama major in the School of Performing Arts. He’s also earned a Master of Divinity degree, a Masters in Special Education, and a Doctorate in Ministry.

For the record, David and I have been friends for a very long time having met and worked together while we were both Drama students at USC.

By the way, David and Jennine have very generously offered a free gift to anyone listening to this podcast, it’s a roadmap to your creativity. To find the link to receive your free gift, please check out David’s episode here at storybeat.net.

FREE GIFT: https://goodandsharpstudios.lpages.co/10-ways-to-tap-into-creativity/




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  1. Lisa Barnes

    Fantastic!!! Theatre and Church. I’m with him. Wonderful interview Steve!

    • Steve Cuden

      Thanks for listening, Lisa! Your episode is fantastic, too!


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