Tim Quinn, Writer-Editor-Artist-Manager-Episode #231

Jan 31, 2023 | 3 comments

Writer, editor, and manager, Tim Quinn was born in Liverpool, England. He started his career as a clown at Blackpool Tower Circus before working on BBC TV’s Good Old Days music hall series where he wrote scripts for top comedians. It was a small jump from there into the world of comic books where he spent many happy years as a scriptwriter on such noted UK titles as The Beano, The Dandy, Sparky, The Topper, Buster, Whoopee!, Bunty, Jackie, Dr Who Magazine, and Whizzer & Chips before heading to the United States to work for the mighty Marvel Comics Group as both editor and Head of Special Projects.

Through those years he also produced many daily newspaper comic strips and interviews with such names as Klaus Voormann, Derek Taylor, Sir Tim Rice, Jeffrey Archer, Willy Russell, Eddie Izzard, Sierra Boggess, and Chyler Leigh.

Tim has worked as a writer for the Guardian newspaper, as well as editor for America’s oldest publication, The Saturday Evening Post, and as producer for LWT’s The South Bank Show TV documentary series – that included among others, a show on the history of Marvel Comics!

For many years Tim ran a publishing company with his wife Jane and Gillian Baverstock, the elder daughter of noted children’s author, Enid Blyton.

Additionally, Tim and Jane ran Mighty Quinn Management, as agents and managers to many musicians while putting on huge charity shows featuring members of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.

These days, Tim’s the Editor-in-Chief for the Merseyside charity, Liverpool Heartbeat, creating literacy-based comic books for schools across the region.

He’s also produced books for New Haven Publishing, who just released The Jolly Bloodbath, a piratical novel for children written by The Brothers Quinn, Tim and his younger brother, Jason, who’s a well-known comic book writer. Also, look for Tim’s autobiography, Argh, also from New Haven Publishing.



Executive Producer: Steve Cuden, Producer: Casey Georgi, Announcer: Javier Grajeda
Social Media: Mina Hoffman, Design & Marketing: Holly Reed, Reed Creative Group


  1. Teddie

    Loved it

    • Steve Cuden

      Thanks so very much, Teddie! I totally agree!


  2. Sandra

    Tim Quinn is really creepy.


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