Robert Kosberg, The King of the Pitch-Episode #246

May 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Robert Kosberg is best known in Hollywood as, “The King of the Pitch,” for his ability to sell movie and TV stories to producers.

After graduating from UCLA’s film program, Bob took a succession of minor entertainment industry jobs, while also writing scripts. He then moved to New York to work for a producer, where he found the time to look for his own material. He found a true story and was able to option it.

Upon later returning to L.A., Bob began pitching this one true story idea while creating others. He found what he was always looking for: simple high concepts that no one knew about. A second true story sold to Lorimar that Bob and his writing partner wrote for that studio.

Bob discovered that he was best at creating and/or finding great commercial material and then working to package those ideas with talent. Pitching is a major component of his success, which helped to launch his career as a producer.

Bob learned that there is great ‘power’ in ideas. In time, his reputation grew as a “pitcher” of good material and he was dubbed the “King of the Pitch.” As a result, he has had first-look deals with most of the studios and somehow ended up with an unusual career based on pitching ideas and stories.

Projects that Bob set up, some of which he also helped to produce, include: 12 Monkeys, In The Mood, The Hardy Men, Wild Pitch, My One and Only, Commando, Kick, Keeper of the Flame, A Novel Life, Stepping Out, and Born to Shop among others.

Bob’s favorite response to people who say, “Good ideas are a dime a dozen,” is to respond, “No, bad ideas are a dime a dozen. Good ideas are one in a million.”

Bob is also the author of the very useful book, “How to Sell Your Idea to Hollywood,” which is filled with valuable advice on how to develop ideas, pitch them, and sell them to Hollywood.




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