Skye Fitzgerald founded Spin Film to bear witness to unfolding crises with the intent to deepen empathy and understanding. He recently completed a trilogy of films on the global refugee crisis. The first, 50 Feet from Syria, focused on doctors working on the Syrian border and was voted onto the Oscar® shortlist. The second, Lifeboat, documents search and rescue operations off the coast of Libya and was nominated for an Academy Award® and national Emmy®. The third, Hunger Ward, explores the impact of the war and famine in Yemen on children, families, and healthcare workers and was nominated for an Academy Award®.

Lifeboat and Hunger Ward are both powerful and insightful explorations of people working to prevail under the most challenging and harrowing of circumstances.

As a Fulbright Research Scholar, Skye directed the film Bombhunters and has worked with organizations as varied as the Sundance Institute, the U.S. Institute of Peace, and Mountainfilm.  He’s an honorary member of SAMS (the Syrian American Medical Society) for his work with Syrian refugees. And he’s a Distinguished Alumnus at his alma mater Eastern Oregon University for documentary work.

Skye also happens to be a member of the Documentary Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Before filmmaking, Skye cut fire-lines as a member of a HotShot wildland fire crew.




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